BioSteel Plant-Based Protein Blueberry Cobbler, 462g

BioSteel's Plant-Based Protein includes brown rice, pea, and pumpkin seed proteins. This combination of plant sources provides a complete protein source. This limited edition Blueberry Cobbler flavour tastes great and mixes easily. Get it while you can!


    • Low Fat 
    • 100% Vegan
    • Soy/Gluten Free
    • Banned Substance Free
    • Natural Flavours/Colours
    • Raw and Sprouted Sources
    • Rice, Pea, & Pumpkin Proteins 



    Organic brown rice protein, Pea protein, Organic pumpkin seed protein, Natural flavours, Pea starch, Celtic sea salt, Xanthan gum, Stevia (leaf) extract, Sea salt, Purple carrot (juice) powder, Citric acid.

    Nutritional Facts

    Amount per serving (33g) 

    Calories 130

    Total Fat 2g, Saturated  0.5g + Trans 0g, Cholesterol 0mg

    Protein 23g

    Carbohydrate 5g, Sugars 0g, Fibre 1g 

    Sodium 330mg, Potassium 75mg, Calcium 20mg, Iron 5.5mg 

    Essential Amino Acids

    Alanine  1.18 g
    Arginine  2.04 g
    Aspartic Acid  2.24 g
    Cystine  0.51 g
    Glutamic Acid  4.03 g
    Histidine**  0.99 g
    Isoleucine**  0.46 g
    Leucine**  1.00 g
    Lysine**  1.91 g
    Methionine**  1.10 g
    Phenylalanine **  0.51 g
    Proline  1.24 g
    Serine   0.96 g
    Threonine**  1.43 g
    Tryptophan  0.82 g
    Tyrosine  0.09 g
    Valine**  0.78 g


    Directions & Cautions

    Adults: Mix 1-2 scoops with 250-500ml of water:

    • As part of a healthy shake
    • After a workout/exercise
    • For those looking to lean out when part of a balanced diet and exercise routine 


    Ensure to drink enough fluid before, during, and after exercise. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a health care practitioner before using this product.