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Cuisine Soleil Organic Amaranth Flour 700g

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Obtained from several species of amaranth, Cuisine Soleil's flour has a characteristic sweet nutty aroma and exceptional emulsifying properties. As a result, it will be an ally of choice for your soups, sauces and stews!

What is Amaranth?

Of the Amaranthus family, amaranth is an annual plant grown as a vegetable for its edible leaves, or for its seeds. It has the reputation of never fading and represents, in ancient Greece, the symbol of immortality.

Nutrition and Health

Amaranth has more protein than any other grain without gluten, and even wheat! It also has a higher lysine content than most other grains and is considered to have a "high biological value", which represents an excellent compromise of essential amino acids and easy absorption by our digestive system.


Originally from Central and South America, the amaranth has a preponderant role in feeding Pre-Columbian civilizations such as the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas, it was an integral part of various traditional recipes such as Tamales or Tortillas. After the conquest of Mexico by Spain, its culture is prohibited because it occupies an important place in rituals then considered pagan. In fact, it has now almost disappeared from the diet of these peoples.


Organic: Like all products Cuisine Soleil offers, this flour is certified organic by Ecocert.

Gluten-free: It is also gluten-free, with a content of less than 5 parts per million (PPM): five times better than the Canadian standard for gluten-free products.

Allergen Free: To make your life easier, Cuisine Soleil's

 products do not contain any of the following allergens: sesame, nuts, peanuts, lactose, eggs, wheat, gluten, soy and corn