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Giddy Yoyo Organic Raw Ecuadorian Cacao Butter 454g

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Giddy Yo's cacao butter originates from hand picked Ecuadorian Arriba criollo cacao pods. The beans are hand selected, fermented in specialized huts for approx. 3-4 days, sun-dried to perfection, crushed and winnowed (the skins removed). These nibs are ground in a granite melange and naturally liquefy. The liquefied cacao mass is transferred to a mechanical press where the cacao butter is removed, cooled to a solid and packaged for your enjoyment. Giddy Yo's cacao butter is not deodorized nor are any chemicals used in the process.  Giddy Yo regularly lab tests their products to ensure they meet specifications and the standards their customers have come to expect. 

How to use Giddy Yo cacao butter: use to create your own skin care or lip balm & dark chocolate, add to your coffee for a richer more fulfilling experience, use as a butter replacement when cooking/frying, grate or powder in a food processor and add to power balls or other recipes, add some to your cooked oatmeal, etc. (:

Contrary to popular opinion, cacao contains very little caffeine. It has been clinically demonstrated that cacao does not elevate blood sugar in the same way as a food or beverage containing caffeine would. Instead, GY Cacao helps to create an overall state of bliss :). And to take it next level, our cacao is low temperature processed from start to finish!


100% Cacao butter, certified organic by ECOCERT Canada