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Sisu Full Spectrum Curcumin 60s

Curcumin is the primary active ingredient in turmeric, and is one of the most well-respected health supplement ingredients in Canada. However, curcumin is fat soluble and not well-absorbed in humans, which means much of it passes straight through your gastro-intestinal system rather than delivering its benefits. This limits curcumin’s potential to positively affect human health. Full Spectrum Curcumin contains an ingredient that is exclusive to Sisu in Canada, and different from other curcumin products because it has been made water-soluble and is in a liquid soft gel. The dosage is just one liquid soft gel, once daily.



Serving Size: One Tablet 
Curcumin (Curcuma longa, turmeric rhizome)
NovaSOL® brand
 40 mg 



Purified water, glycerin (vegetable), gelatin (bovine), polysorbate 80 (food grade).


Take 1 capsule 1 time per day.