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AOR Advanced Allergy Relief 60s

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Allergies, rhinitis and certain types of headaches have a common denominator which is a hypersensitivity reaction to normally mild triggers. Advanced Allergy Relief is a unique formula that combines probiotics, plant extracts, vitamins and nutrients that, in clinical studies, have been shown to be effective in preventing and alleviating symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Its formula contains a nettle leaf extract (Urtica dioica), a stem extract of a powerful traditional Ayurvedic plant called guduchi (Tinospore cordifolia), and a standardized extract of perilla seeds (Perilla frutesens), a plant native to Southeast Asia. These ingredients are combined with the probiotic Bifidobaterium longum BB536, zinc and copper in balanced proportions, and the bioactive form of vitamin B6 (pyridoxal 5 phosphate) to enhance the immunomodulatory effects.

Nettle and Perilla provide symptom relief by preventing the release of inflammatory substances that originate in immune cells responsible for seasonal allergy symptoms such as itching, sneezing and runny nose. It is believed that guduchi helps normalize the immune response by stimulating other immune cells called macrophages. Guduchi has also been shown to reduce the duration and intensity of allergic symptoms such as itching, sneezing and runny nose. The addition of zinc balanced with copper, vitamin B6 and Bifidobacterium longum helps restart immune function and cleanse inflammatory byproducts associated with allergy symptoms.

AOR Advantage

Most anti-allergy products are aimed at the symptoms, but without trying to go deep or restore the underlying hypersensitivities. AOR Advanced Allergy Relief provides rapid, proven symptom relief, and also works collaboratively to help best resolve the underlying immune dysfunctions that led to the allergy.

Product Label




Advanced Allergy Relief provides relief for seasonal allergy symptoms and promotes optimal immune function. Contains a combination of proven probiotics, herbs, vitamins and nutrients formulated.


AOR ™ certifies that all the ingredients are mentioned on the label. Does not contain wheat, gluten, peanuts, mustard, soy, dairy, egg, shellfish, crustacean or animal product.

Adult Dosage

take 2 capsules daily with food at least 2-3 hours before or after taking other medicines including antibiotics or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.


Do not use this product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a disease that weakens the immune system (eg AIDS, lymphoma, prolonged corticosteroid therapy, heart disease, high blood pressure or hypotension, liver or kidney problems, diabetes, edema) or if you are taking products containing diuretics.This product contains ingredients derived from corn, do not use it if you are allergic.

Precautions for use

Consult a health care practitioner before taking this product if you have fever, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, or if symptoms persist or worsen. Discontinue use and consult a doctor immediately if you feel disoriented, have dizziness, muscle weakness or pain, arrhythmia, or difficulty breathing. Discontinue use and consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms of digestive upset (eg, diarrhea) develop, worsen, or persist beyond 3 days.

Adult Dose

Take two capsules daily with food, at least 2 to 3 hours before or after taking other medicines (including antibiotics) or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

Main Application
  • Immune health
  • Seasonal allergies

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