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AOR Ortho Heart 60s

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Cardiovascular health is the sum of the health of many different body functions: blood lipids, blood pressure, vascular health, heart muscle health, and electrical function, to name a few. Ortho Heart is designed to promote cardiovascular health through multiple mechanisms.

Garlic extract helps to balance blood lipids and cholesterol, while L-theanine promotes relaxation, stress relief and quality sleep – all of which can have a beneficial influence on blood pressure. Chlorogenic acid from green coffee bean extract supports weight management and has been shown to help lower blood pressure. Nitric oxide improves blood vessel function and blood flow by dilating blood vessels and improving their flexibility – potassium nitrate and vitamin C support the production of this important nutrient. Lastly, studies support the ability of hibiscus to promote healthy blood pressure. This is key since high blood pressure, also known as the silent killer, tends not to produce symptoms until it is severe.

Those with a family history of blood pressure or cholesterol problems, or those looking to support their heart health and blood pressure naturally can benefit from taking Ortho Heart.

AOR Advantage

Before green coffee bean extract was known for weight loss, AOR’s heart and blood pressure health formula contained this now famous extract. Potassium nitrate, mixed vegetable concentrate and Vitamin C work together to yield a high production of nitric oxide in the body, higher than any nitrate or nitric oxide supplement on the market. L-Theanine helps produce GABA in the body, reduces anxiety and may improve sleep, which are important factors in heart health. Ortho Heart features Hibiscus, whose heart health benefits are not yet well known, as well as the age-old remedy of garlic to maintain good heart health.



Serving Size: One Capsule
Green Coffee Bean extract (45-50% chlorogenic acid, ≤2% caffeine) 200 mg 
L-Theanine 100 mg
Garlic Bulb extract (Allium sativum, 1% allicin) 50 mg 
Vitamin C 50 mg 



Directions & Cautions


Take one capsule twice per day with food, or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner.

Cautions & Warnings