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Botanica Digestive Bitters Liquid Herb 50ml

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Ever noticed that a bitter taste creates extra saliva? This is just the start of good digestion. Our unique blend of herbs in our Digestive Bitters Liquid Herb stimulates the entire process of digestion from absorption to elimination by increasing the production of hydrochloric acid, liver fluids, pancreatic function and small intestine digestive enzymes.

  • Supports good digestion
  • Stimulates bile production
  • Helps to relieve achlorhydria, malabsorption, chronic gas, belching, indigestion, and gallbladder congestion

Our unique liquid herbs are crafted through an advanced spagyric process to create the most bioavailable herbs. First, herbs are soaked in organic alcohol. When time has allowed the plant to dissolve, the remaining matter is reduced without chemicals to a white ash rich in bioavailable trace minerals and then rejoined with the original extract. It’s time-consuming but the vegetable-based is an herbal formula with all the valuable minerals present in the plant’s natural state. Every step of the process is tested for both purity and potency from harvest to bottling.