Goddess Garden Grounding Bracelet Blend

Calm your anxious mind and enhance your focus with our essential oil blend! Featuring certified-organic essential oils like vetiver, patchouli and lavender, our unique blend will help you stay calm and grounded. Our therapeutic essential-oil blend is paired with organic jojoba oil, so it’s gentle enough to reapply anytime and anywhere you need to relax and focus. 

Created specifically to make it easy to enjoy aromatherapy on the go, our Aromatherapy Bracelet Blends enhance the benefits of the Aromatherapy Bracelet stones. Our unique essential-oil Bracelet Blends come in a custom bottle designed to deliver the precise amount of oil. Try Grounding with our Perseverance Bracelet, mix and match, or use multiple bracelets and oil combinations to boost your mood and enjoy the therapeutic combo!