Queen of the Thrones Organic Golden Castor Oil 250ml

Made from pressing the seeds of the Castor Bean plant, Golden Castor Oil is a moisturizing and conditioning oil for skin, hair, and nails. Used for centuries as a beauty cabinet staple. 


  • 100% Pure.
  • Hexane-free.
  • Amber glass bottle.
  • Perfect for skin, hair & nails.


Castor oil has been for centuries for its ability to moisturize and rejuvenate skin, promote healthy hair and scalp, and soothe dry or irritated areas. With Queen of the Thrones, you're choosing a premium quality product that's been carefully sourced and processed to maintain its natural potency.

Castor oil isn’t just a hair, lash and brow growth serum; this multipurpose carrier oil, is your go-to cosmetic and self-care oil; an eye makeup remover, nighttime wrinkle moisturizer or massage oil, castor oil can be combined with other natural ingredients to create hair masks, face masks, nail treatments and more.



100% Organic Castor Oil / Huile de ricine 100% biologique


Directions & Cautions


Massage desired amount directly onto your skin, hair, or nails. 


Cautions & Warnings

Disclaimer: Always talk to your doctor before starting any new practice. This is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease. This is not medical advice. This is for educational purposes only. Results vary.

For topical use only. Do not use if seal is broken. Do not use if you are pregnant. Do not apply on open wounds. In rare cases a hypersensitivity reaction may occur, in which case discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children. Castor Oil stains clothing and upholstery. Store at room temperature.