Dr. Squatch Men's Bar Soap Bay Rum 141g

Immerse yourself in the warm, exotic vibes of Dr. Squatch's Bay Rum Men's Bar Soap, a luxurious escape designed for the modern man. Infused with the intoxicating blend of clove, cinnamon, pine, and citrus, this bar is your ticket to an island retreat every time you step into the shower.

  • Smells Like: Island Tropics & Spice
  • Grit Level: Zero
  • Great for all skin types


Benefits & Features
  • Crafted for Men
  • Moisturizing Mastery
  • Spice & Citrus
  • Nourishing Formula
  • Zero Dry-Out

Designed specifically for the modern man’s skincare needs, offering a masculine take on skincare and rejuvenation. Beyond its captivating aroma, this bar ensures your skin emerges from the shower moisturized and soft, thanks to the nourishing blend of natural oils. Its unique blend of crushed cloves, cinnamon sticks, crisp pine, and zesty orange transports you to a serene paradise, leaving you revitalized and ready to face the day with confidence. Enriched with sustainably sourced, natural oils, this bar doesn't just cleanse; it deeply nourishes, leaving your skin feeling supremely soft and hydrated. This tropical treasure offers a deep clean that maintains your skin’s natural moisture balance, ensuring you step out of the shower feeling refreshed, not stripped.

Indulge in the richness of Bay Rum and turn your shower into an exotic retreat that revives your body and spirit with every wash.


Saponified Oils of (Olive, Sustainable Palm, Coconut), Shea Butter, Natural Fragrance, Aloe Vera, Kaolin Clay, Sea Salt, Colorant.

Directions & Cautions


Lather up this cold process soap and scrub down daily. Great for all skin types.