Harmonic Arts Matcha Mind Elixir 330g

Find focus and flow with Harmonic Arts Matcha Mind Elixir. Move through your day with clarity and ease as you sip on this vibrant blend, featuring uplifting superfoods like organic, full-bodied Matcha, Lion’s Mane mushroom and antioxidant-rich Moringa.



Benefits & Features
  • Organic & Wild Harvested Ingredients
  • Ethical Sourcing
  • Fruiting Body Mushrooms
  • Compostable Packaging
  • 55 Servings Per Container



*Matcha Green Tea, †Green Tea Pollen, Mucuna Pruriens Extract, *Lion’s Mane and *Moringa Leaf Powder.

† Wild Harvested


Directions & Cautions


Hot Elixir:
2TSP (6G) Matcha Mind + 1TSP Coconut Oil + 1TSP Honey + 8OZ (236ML) Hot Water, Tea or Nut Mylk. Combine in blender, makes 1 serving.

Cold Elixir:
2TSP (6G) Matcha Mind + 8OZ (236ML) Nut Mylk + 1TSP Honey
Combine in blender, makes 1 serving. Add ice cubes.