ITL Health MAG365 Bone Formula + Calcium Raspberry Lemon 360g

Introducing MAG365 BF Plus Calcium in a new, delicious Exotic Raspberry Lemon flavour! Contains our awarding-winning MAG365 Ionic Magnesium Citrate Powder with the added goodness of calcium, vitamins D3, K2, C & B6, boron, zinc and potassium.


Naturally flavoured with lemon-raspberry flavour and steviol glycoside (a compound of the stevia leaf) for a lightly sweet and satisfying beverage you can enjoy hot or cold, any time of the day.

Formulated for athletes or for those with existing bone conditions.


Ionic magnesium citrate (created from a highly absorbable proprietary blend of citric acid and magnesium carbonate), potassium bicarbonate, calcium lactate, vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), zinc picolinate, boric acid, vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal-5-phosphate), vitamin K2-MK7 (trans), vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol vegan from algae), natural lemon-raspberry flavour, and steviol glycoside (a compound of the stevia leaf for sweetness).

Directions & Cautions