LastObject LastSwab Beauty Trio Pack

LastSwab Beauty Trio Pro: three eco-friendly tools for makeup removal, smudging, touch-ups, lash separation, and brow feathering.


Benefits & Features
  • Reusable
  • Travel-Friendly
  • Easy to Clean 

Crafted for durability and precision, this set reduces waste, making your beauty routine sustainable without sacrificing quality. Perfect for achieving flawless makeup looks. The LastSwab Beauty Trio Pro allows you to apply, touch-up, and remove makeup more efficiently, reducing the waste generated by disposable makeup applicators.


The rod in all three swabs is made from polypropylene (PP) reinforced with glass fiber. It will last for a long time without breaking. The swab is completely latex-free. The tips of the LastSwab Original Pro and LastSwab Beauty Pro are made of thermoplastic elastomers, TPE. This makes them sturdy and durable while working just as great as regular swabs for grabbing unwanted particles, wax, or makeup residue. LastSwab Sharpen Pro has tips made from 30% cotton and 70% wood fiber. They are home compostable. The swab comes in a case made from recycled and certified Ocean Bound Plastic.

Directions & Cautions


1. Clean up smeared lipstick, smudged eyeliner, and mascara residue. If you use LastSwab Sharpen Pro, remember to first wet the tip a little.
2. Clean the tips with soap and water. The tips of LastSwab Sharpen Pro can also be washed in the washing machine (in a fine mesh bag).
3. Pop the swab back into the case for safe-keeping. The swab can dry inside the case.