Le Comptoir Aroma Diffuser Pebble Stones

  • 3 Diffuser Stones
  • Diffusion Coverage: 160 Sq. Ft
  • 100% Natural: Bamboo And Plaster
  • Ideal For Drawers, Closets, Gym Bags, Cars And Offices

What Is It?

A wonderful portable and convenient diffuser solution! Easy to use, just place a few drops of essential oil of your choice onto the plaster center of the disk. Leave it to dry for a few seconds and enjoy the scent of your favorite oils wherever you want!

Why Use It?

100% natural, made of natural bamboo and plaster. Small and practical, they allow you to enjoy essential oils whenever and wherever you want! It is so versatile and can replace artificial fresheners in drawers, closets, gym bags, cars and offices.

Dimensions : Diameter 2.7 X Height 1.2 Inches.