Natural Traditions Focus Fuel Mushroom Coffee 140g

  • Instant focus fuel coffee blend with organic instant coffee, lion's mane mushroom extract, brain-boosting adaptogens, C8 MCT powder and plant-based omega-3s.
  • Dairy-free, made with coconut milk powder.
  • Fuelling and energizing.
  • Our organic mushroom coffee supports focus, memory and creativity.
  • Just add water for an instant, creamy mushroom coffee.


    organic coconut milk powder, organic instant coffee, organic C8 MCT powder (C8Vantage), organic coconut palm sugar, ahiflower seed oil powder, organic acacia fiber gum, organic lion's mane extract powder, organic cinnamon extract, organic vanilla flavour, organic brahmi extract (bacopa monnieri), organic gotu kola extract (centella asiatica), sea salt


    • Mix 1.5 tbsp of Focus Fuel Coffee with 6-8oz of hot water.
    • Add it to raw desserts, smoothies and more.