Ecoideas Organic Fair Trade Ground Tigernuts 200g

Tigernuts, contrary to their name, are actually small tubers (similar to a plant root). They are one of nature’s highest sources of fibre at 41%. Their naturally sweet and earthy taste makes them the ideal appetite curbing snack. Tigernuts are also high in iron, phosphorus and magnesium.

• Raw and Organic

• Very High Source of Fibre

• Appetite Curbing Snack

• Iron, Phosphorus and Magnesium

• Tigernuts are Tubers, Not Nuts

• Gluten Free and Naturally Sweet Tasting


Organic Fair Trade Ground Tigernuts

Suggested Use

Tigernuts’ natural sweetness and appetite curbing fibre makes them a great snack on their own. They are an excellent nut alternative for people with allergies and ideal for raw foodies, since they are not roasted or salted. Like nuts, some people prefer to soak their Tigernuts in water overnight, in order to soften their texture. They can also be enjoyed as an ingredient in baked goods, yogurt and morning cereals. Refrigerate after opening.