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Frontier Organic Ground Ginger Root 26g

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Frontier Organic Ground Ginger Root provides the authentic warm flavour and distinctive aroma that has made the spice popular for both sweet and savoury dishes in cuisines around the world. Ground from the dried ginger root, this ginger is convenient to use as an ingredient in baking, curries, chutneys, condiments and sauces as well as for sprinkling directly on fruit and vegetable dishes.


• High-quality organic spice with authentic warm, spicy-sweet flavour
• Lends robust ginger taste and aroma to both savoury and sweet dishes
• Traditionally used in a wide variety of both sweet and savoury dishes



Suggested Use

Ginger is used in an extensive variety of dishes, both savoury and sweet. In addition to being a staple in curries, chutneys and other ethnic dishes, ginger lends its robust flavour to stir-fries, sauces, dips, condiments, relishes, beverages, candies, baked goods and many types of desserts.

Flavour Profile

Lemony, earthy and pungent with a slight bite

Botanical Name

Organic Ginger.


Organic Ginger.