Herbaria Argimony Tea 25s

Used for a period stretching back through millennia, Agrimony – which is derived from the Greek word Agremone roughly translating to ‘plant that heals the eye’ was celebrated by both the Greeks and Romans.

  • 25 Tea Bags
  • Caffeine Free
  • A strong herbal flavour with a slightly sweet aftertaste


Agrimonia eupatoria, a plant native to Europe and Southwestern Asia, typically thrives in damp environments. You'll often find it flourishing in meadows and pastures, along the banks of streams, or nestled among shrubs.

Agrimony tea has a strong herbal flavour with bitter notes and a slightly sweet aftertaste. 


100% Agrimony (Agrimonia Eupatoria)

Directions & Cautions

Steeping Instructions

Add boiling water over bag. Let steep for 4-6 minutes. If desired, sweeten with honey. Store box in a cool dry place.