New Roots Smooth Stevia 60g

Smooth Stevia is a great-tasting, all-natural alternative to both sugar and artificial sweeteners. 

Our innovative product features the intense sweetness of Stevia White Powder Concentrate, complemented by the smooth taste and finish of isomaltulose. Isomaltulose is obtained with an enzymatic process that stabilizes this natural sugar sourced from non‑GMO sweet beets.

Studies show isomaltulose as being broken down four to five times slower than sugar. The slow rate of digestion throughout the entire small intestine stimulates a higher proportion of fat burning compared to regular sugar. This makes Smooth Stevia suitable for diabetics and those on the borderline of engaging with this increasingly common disease.

Smooth Stevia tastes great in coffee or tea, as well as in cold beverages including ice tea and smoothies. A pinch (50 mg) will yield the equivalent sweetness of a teaspoon of sugar; that’s the equivalent of ¹⁄32 of a teaspoon. It’s heat-stable and excellent for cooking and baking. Smooth Stevia is also beneficial for dental health, as its digestion is not initiated within the mouth, thereby not causing cavities.

Smooth Stevia is safe for diabetics, at a mere 2.4 calories per gram, and is an excellent way to reduce calorie consumption without compromising the flavour of your favourite foods and beverages.


Isomaltulose (naturally occurring disaccharide from sugar beet) and stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) concentrate.


Low glycemic index. Be mindful of the dosage because: 132 tsp. of Smooth Stevia = 1 teaspoon of sugar. Add to taste to your favourite beverage and stir. Excellent sugar substitute for coffee, tea, and for baking!