Nature's Way Certified Organic 100% MCT Oil From Coconut 480ml

Nature's Way Organic MCT Oil comes from premium coconuts - no palms or other filler oils. It has 14 grams of pure MCTs per serving. It's odourless and flavourless plus keto and paleo friendly.


Medicinal Ingredients:

Fat (14g), Saturated (13g), + Trans (0g), Carbohydrate (0g), Protein (0g)

Non-medicinal Ingredients:

Modified organic coconut oil (medium chain triglycerides). 



Mix into smoothies, shakes, coffee, and other beverages. Add to favorite foods such as salads, yogurt, and more.

Recommended Use

Mix into smoothies, shakes, coffee and other beverages Add to foods such as salads, yogurt and more

Cautions & Warnings