Organic Traditions Organic Sprouted Chia & Flax Powder 227g

Organic Traditions Chia and Flax Seed Powder provides you with 3g of omega-3 fatty acids per serving. Size: 227 g / 8 oz


Benefits & Features
  • A combination of sprouted chia and sprouted flax seeds.
  • Increased digestibility and nutrient absorption thanks to the sprouting process.
  • Higher amounts of vitamins and minerals compared to unsprouted seeds.
  • Double the amount of antioxidants compared to unsprouted seeds.
  • Packed with fiber and calcium.
  • Provides you with 3g of omega-3 fatty acids per serving.


*Packaging may vary


Organic sprouted chia seeds, organic sprouted flax seeds


Suggested Use
  • Add to your smoothies for a boost of fiber and healthy fats.
  • Perfect for baking, raw desserts, oatmeal and more.
  • Make a vegan egg substitute by mixing 1 tbsp sprouted chia/flax with 3 tbsp of water (per egg).