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Organic Traditions

Organic Traditions Organic Sprouted Quinoa 340g

  • One of natures most nourishing superfoods.
  • Sprouted to improve digestibility and the absorption of nutrients.
  • Enzyme inhibitors are eliminated and phytic acid is reduced.
  • Higher in vitamins and minerals compared to non-sprouted quinoa.
  • 7 grams of plant protein per serving.
  • A great source of iron and fibre.
  • No washing required - ready to cook!
  • Bring 1 1/3 cups water to a boil and add quinoa. Reduce and simmer for 15 minute or until water is absorbed.


Organic Sprouted Quinoa Seeds

Suggested Use

  • Perfect for quinoa salads and side dishes.

  • Make your own quinoa brittle or try adding it to granola.