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Boiron Children's Stodal Honey Flavour 125ml

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Antimonium tartaricum 6CH
Bryonia 3CH
Coccus cacti 3CH
Drosera 3CH
Ipecacuanha 3CH
Pulsatilla 6CH
Rumex crispus 6CH
Spongia tosta 3CH
Sticta pulmonaria 3CH


Sucrose, lactose

Directions & Cautions

Recommended Use

Homeopathic medicine used for dry or wet cough.


Children from 1 to 11 years of age:

  • Take 5 mL orally, using the pre-measured cup provided, 3 times a day. Reduce with improvement.
    Do not use on a child weighing less than 8 kg (17 pounds).

Notice –  This claim is based on traditional homeopathic references and not modern scientific evidence.

Cautions & Warnings

If fever or symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care practitioner.
Notice for diabetics: contains sucrose : 4 g /5 mL.
Keep out of reach of children.