Living Alchemy Fermented Ashwagandha 60s

The ultimate adaptogen for stress, anxiety, mood focus and concentration. Symbio® Fermented Ashwagandha is shown to be more digestible and absorbable, with higher flavonoids and steroidal lactones, called with anolides.


  • Effective in Reducing Stress
  • Improves Anxiety & Mood
  • Helps Focus and Concentration
  • Fermented Process to Enhance Bioavailability


Why Fermented?

Fermented ingredients provide the gut with a diverse microbiome and improve digestion, boost the immune system, and protect against disease. 




Symbio® Fermented, Organic Ashwagandha (120mg).

Supporting Herbs:

  • Organic Ashwagandha (120mg)
  • Organic Turmeric (80mg)
  • Organic Bacopa (80mg)


Directions & Cautions


Adults: Take 1 capsule 2 times per day with or without food.

*packaging may vary