Naka Nutri CURe v3 120s

Take a moment to imagine a time when you felt young, healthy, vibrant, and pain-free. You can feel that way again. If you’re like millions of people dependant on synthetic drug pain killers for muscle and joint pain, you’ve also experienced gastrointestinal and other side effects of these drugs. Get ready to FEEL WELL AGAIN with a powerful brand-new product made from a traditional kitchen spice!


Longvida Optimized Curcumin – 400mg:This pure, concentrated form of bioavailable turmer- ic fights pain, eases inflammation, protects and repairs your stomach lining, detoxifies your liver, improves gallbladder function, and improves your digestion and absorption of nutrients from food.

Boswellia - 150mg: This powerful anti-inflammatory inhibits the pro-inflammatory compound enzyme 5-lipoxygenase responsible for joint pain, cardiovascular conditions, and allergies.

Olive Leaf - 50mg: This potent natural antibiotic boosts your immune system, fights pre-existing infection, and eradicates fungal infection.