St. Francis PMS Support 50ml

Our PMS Support is a tincture formula that features a classically effective blend of herbs best suited to provide women with the natural hormone balance they need in dealing with PMS.

• A formula hinged on chastetree, which regulates the endocrine system by reducing the synthesis of FSH and estrogen, a cause of PMS
• With dong quai, which is an “estrogenic alterative”
• Includes black cohosh, a herb with hormone-balancing properties
• Also has burdock, which supports the liver and helps it clear excess hormones and reduce high estrogen levels

Who it’s for:
Use PMS Support if you’re experiencing PMS symptoms such as muscle aches and pain, insomnia, anxiety, tension, irritability, cramping, breast tenderness, and emotional swings.


NPN Use Claim:
Used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve premenstrual symptoms.