Tanit Dissolving Cleaning Tablets All-Purpose - Unscented 1ct

Ideal for everyday, regular cleaning of washable surfaces, including floors.

  • NO VOCs, parabens, phthalates, or ammonia.
  • NO artificial fragrances or colours.


REVOLUBAR is a sustainable, eco-friendly, and economical cleaning solution for the entire home. Compressed into nothing but active, all-natural ingredients, these small tablets dissolve to create 500 mL of powerful cleaner in refillable glass spray bottles. Buy lightweight refill tablets in 100% compostable pouches to stop plastic waste at the source, and use the REVOLUBAR glass spray bottle with cork sleeve again and again.

Provides effective cleaning power with an all-natural, biodegradable formula, and without leaving any residue behind. Made with a concentration of citrus fruit acids to quickly penetrate dirt, loosen stains, and wipe away cleanly. Also works to prevent static electricity, which attracts dust.





STEP 1 - Pour 500 ml of hot water into the REVOLUBAR reusable spray bottle.

STEP 2 - Add a REVOLUBAR cleaning tablet and let it dissolve completely.

STEP 3 - Gently shake bottle before each use.